How to play caribbean poker

Caribbean poker or also known as oasis poker is one of the most popular poker games against the casino. The main task of the player is that he must collect a combination better than that of the dealer. This poker variant is very popular and will suit a person who is not so familiar with casino games. Let’s figure out what is so special about this game and why so many loves it so much.

History of Caribbean Poker

For the first time, Caribbean poker was discussed at the end of the 19th century. In fact, there are a lot of legends about this game, but the most popular version is that this game was invented by pirates from Jamaica since ordinary poker seemed boring to them. But the undeniable fact remains that the passengers of the ships that cruised around the Caribbean islands played exactly this type of poker. A lot of time has passed since then, but Caribbean poker has remained one of the popular games and over the years it has progressed quite well, having managed to get into the best gambling houses in Las Vegas.

The popularity of this game is due, firstly, to rather simple rules, and therefore Caribbean poker has become a really popular game with a high level of dynamics. To some extent, Caribbean poker is similar to other poker games. But the main distinguishing feature is that the opponent is the dealer, not the other players. But the essence of this does not change: the deck still consists of 52 cards, the lowest is a deuce, and the highest is an ace.

The meaning of the game is also simple, and the player is required to collect a higher combination than the dealer.

Why Is Caribbean Poker So Popular?

To understand why the game is so popular almost all over the world, it is worth highlighting the most important points about this game

1985 or 1986 – Caribbean Poker is introduced to Aruba.

1990s – Distribution of the variety in the USA without exchanges.

1998 – One Card Draw Oasis Poker is created.

1999— Microgaming’s first online Caribbean Poker.

Since 1999 – offline options with the exchange of several cards and other deviations from the original.

2010s — several models of Oasis Poker for Online Casino were created.

In 2022, classic Caribbean stud poker is one of the top forms of entertainment in the United States. This game is played in the majority of British and European casinos.

Initially, the game was rather boring and vegetated in the casinos of the whole world, far behind in popularity from Roulette and Blackjack. However, in 1995 the game was improved with the addition of the card swap. Since then, Caribbean poker has taken the leading position in casinos all over the world in terms of popularity.

How To Play Caribbean Poker

The rules of this type of poker are quite simple, but there are several interesting features. At the start of a hand, players make a mandatory bet called an ante. The dealer then deals five cards each to the player and to himself. The dealer puts the 5th card face up. Yes, the player gets more information. Then you can place a bet or fold. After you have placed a bet, you need to evaluate the strength of your hand. The strength of the combinations follows the same sequence as in Texas Holdem. However, Caribbean poker has a unique payout system, which you can read about below.

One of the most important rules of Caribbean poker is the possibility of a paid card replacement, which is made once per game. The terms of various casinos may provide for the replacement of up to 5 cards, with payment in one ante.

How Do Caribbean Poker Payments Work?

When playing Caribbean poker, you should remember the main winning combinations of this game:

ace-king— 1:1;

one pair— 2 cards with the same value— 1:1;

two pairs— 2 pairs of cards with the same face value— 2:1;

triple— 3 cards of the same value— 3:1;

Street— 5 cards in order, regardless of suit— 4:1;

flush— 5 cards of the same suit— 5:1;

full house— simultaneously a three-of-a-kind and a pair— 7:1;

four of a kind— 4 cards of the same denomination— 20:1;

straight flush— 5 cards of the same suit— 50:1;

royal flush— 5 cards of the same suit from ace to ten— 100:1.

The poker combinations listed in the list are winning, and the payout proportions are calculated according to the size of the bet made. In addition to them, there is the concept of “no game”— when the dealer has no combinations from the list.

Caribbean Poker Ultimate Strategy

The strategy for playing Caribbean Poker is practically the same as regular poker. It is enough just not to let emotions control you and bet in the following cases:

If you have a pair or higher.

Ace, King, and at least one card of yours matches the dealer’s upcard.

Ace, King, Queen or Ace, King, Jack, and any of your cards match the dealer’s upcard.

Ace, King, Queen, and one of your cards above the upcard and the dealer.

Otherwise, discard. This strategy works in 99% of cases, and the casino will have a minimal edge.

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In general, Caribbean stud poker borrows many elements from the classic poker game but also has some interesting differences. Unlike other poker games, in Caribbean Stud you only need to beat the dealer and not other players. There is also no bluffing in the game, so don’t worry about your face giving away something.

Each player at the table, together with the dealer, receives five cards. For the game to take place, the dealer must have at least ace-king, so the game is always full of emotion and adrenaline. Many online casinos provide the opportunity to play this kind of poker with minimum stakes. If you’re interested, don’t miss your chance to hit the jackpot.